- VOLSAVANT - is the conflation of two words, "VOL" (to fly in french) + "SAVANT" simply put, the human ability to intuit genius.

This word speaks to the mechanics, physics, systems, cycles and environments that humans aboard bicycles deal in.

The mind, instinct, computation, intuition and consciousness that defines our experience.

Human beings are complex creatures. Put them on bikes, in a racing forum and the complexities both compound and narrow. Encased in an incredibly nuanced vacuum, cycling is profoundly difficult and rewarding. This is our playground, this is our world.

What VOLSAVANT does.

VOLSAVANT Solutions measures every element we can observe and quantify reverse engineering from your desired outcome, down to the finest details of what makes you, YOU. 

Our speciality is molding raw talent into internationally competitive pro bike racers. The majority of our work takes place in continental Africa. Places like Rwanda, Nigeria, Eritrea, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Racing houses a global set of problems and solutions designed to educate and empower. VOLSAVANT Solutions works with athletes of all races, colors, genders and creeds possessing the necessary commitment and passion for the psychosomatic warfare of bike racing. 

Who am I?

I've been racing bikes for 24 years. I am a coach, consultant, a writer and thinker. Like you, I am a student of life. Cycling is my forum, my canvas.

VOLSAVANT Solutions is my niche. If you have the courage to trust our collective gut, I'd like to work with you.

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