Sterling Magnell

The Volsavant Syndicate.

We invest when we're impressed.

What we do here. 

"Volsavant deals in the recursive relationship between mind and body." *Culture + *Psychology  + *Science: A nurturing environment for African athletes and a cultural home for true believers. 

We're better together. Literally. Reverse engineer the path and tools necessary for you to optimize your life by bike, by becoming literate in the laws of physics, science and human psychology, together. 


Throwing your hat in the ring is just the beginning. The foremost thing about practicing cycling 'A La Volsavant, is to adhere to the spirit of your sporting craft. Confession: I am a nerd, obsessed with the science of our human engines and how they operate onboard the most efficient vehicle in the world. But humans are complex systems, no matter how exact we get in the breakdown, every protocol and metric must still be executed out on the road, with our humanity in full effect. When in doubt, we choose to err on the side of intuition. When the day comes to test yourself, all the numbers in the world still must translate into an emotional will to combust watts and steer with deftness that requires a guiding spirit. 

We can take as many trips back and forth between the data and our humanity as we need to. Our goal is to find creative ways of measuring how exactly our faculties collect to meet the road. Get into the weeds, ask the crazy questions you want answers to, but most of all, share your craft.  

Lastly, a reminder that this group is dedicated to celebrating bike racing across cultures. No matter where you come from, we have one thing in common: The bike, the greatest human multiplier known to man. I would argue it is also the greatest equalizer known to man, and the most powerful translation tool I know of to boot. Let's roll.  

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