Looking back

Tour l’Espoir au Cameroon 2017 UCI u2.2 we won! That was a high energy, highly charged time. We were on the way up, pushing our limits and pulling together to make our tactics comprehensive within the team. Then that qualified us for the 2018 Tour du l’Avenir which was a dose of reality that knocked us all back quite a bit. Coupled with that and the beating we received at the 2018 Innsbruck UCI World Championships left us all feeling like we needed something we didn’t have in order to compete with the world. That’s a problem I still haven’t solved yet. Tying to weigh wether the goal for us is to dominate Africa or send our soldiers to hopefully climb up the ranks of the European peloton. The things, funding, equipment and programs I would need are very slow to actualize if they actualize at all. For now my next focus is Tour du Rwanda UCI 2.1 2020 with as specific and detailed program like I’ve never tried to implement before. Hoping the detail add up

to the marginal gains everyone is always talking about and we have a squad that can surprise some people in our home race come February. 

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