For starters.

It has slowly dawned on me, more and more as time goes on, the fickle nature of all our personal media platforms we use. People have entire careers now stemming from an Instagram following or a YouTube channel. I’ve always looked at these people and sort of admired their ability to constantly and aggressively serve up their lives to the world for your entertainment. But I’ve never been able to conceive of spending that much time, or making that kind of effort to put my story, my work, the things I have to say out for you. For one, my following isn’t that of a supermodel or a controversial talk show host, so a lot of hours and effort go into something that maybe get viewed 100 or 500 times. Basically drowned out by all the noise. That is why I have for years been retreating to the timeless analog of writing an actual book. Gambling in a sense that the trend is coming, already started in my estimation of intellectual and genuine people starting to unplug, partially or fully from the social media matrix in search of more indelible formats of information and story. More analog and sincere formats. I’m caught somewhere inbetween. I engage my small follwoing on social media but I can’t seem to bring myself to post or create anything truly meaningful. Huge swaths of my days and the stories of my work go undocumented because it’s simply too much work, and the ROI is basically nil. It’s a loud world out there and I’m not interested in competing for your attention as you scroll… 

When I first arrived in Rwanda 5 years ago I started a blog on tumblr called “NoMessNoMessage.” 

Eventually I fell off of updating it because it felt pointless. And honestly, this too feels a bit pointless. Writing the book feels pointless. But what I’ve also realized is that I am missing many moments, many scenes, stories and photo ops that would provide great joy and plenty of education for the right viewer. Maybe even just for me cataloguing my vast experiences and 

getting maybe just a bit more of it on tape to post here for my family, friends and faithful little 

following to come and enjoy. So here we are. No schedule or promises, but I will begin posting this blog. If you want to be notified when a new post goes up, register with your email and we’ll ping you when that happens. 

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